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Is October 2020 Calendar your favorite month? If yes then have you ever tried looking for the origin of this month with a view to understanding your favorite month from a closer view. Well, if not yet then just go ahead with this of our article, as in this article we are going to make you aware of all the relevant information about the October month.

October 2020 Calendar

October is basically known as the 10th month of the year and is recognized as the same in the currently followed Gregorian calendar and in the Julian calendar as well. We all recognize this month as the month, which is consisted of the 31 days and has the season of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

October 2020 Calendar

In the Southern hemisphere which consists of few regions in the world the month of October has the spring season, and due to that, we witness the two different climates in the Northern and in the Southern hemisphere.

You would be wondering to know that October used to be the 10th month of the year when there was no January and the February months in the ancient Roman calendar.

Origin of the October Month

2020 October Printable Calendar

This is probably the most important section of the article about the month of October as the majority of us isn’t actually aware of the origin of this month. Well, talking about the origin of this month it has been derived from the Latin word “Octo” which means eight.

October 2020 Printable Calendar

The reasoning behind the name is very easy and appealing to be understood since October earlier used to be the 8th month of the year, and thus it got its name from there.

There were certain observances in the month of October in the ancient Roman’s empire which we are listing below.

  • Mundus Patet- 5th October
  • Meditrinalia- 11th October
  • Augustalia- 12th October
  • October Horse- 15th October
  • Armilustrium- 19th October

Some Interesting Facts About the October Month

October Blank Calendar 2020

October 2020 Blank Calendar

If you want to know about some unheard facts about the month of October then you are here at the correct section of the article. Below we are listing some unknown facts about this month, which will let you have the deep perspective about this month.

  • Halloween which is one of the widely celebrated festivals among the Christian community is actually celebrated on the 31st October.
  • In the United States, the month of October is considered as the onset of the festivals since the majority of the festivals from this month and onwards.
  • This month is celebrated as the National pizza month, popcorn month, and the sausage month of the United States hence if you love any of these then you are going to love this month more.
  • Mahatma Gandhi one of the greatest freedom fighters in the world was born in the October month, and his ideology of the non-violence is followed across the whole world now.
  • Bill Gates who has retained the tag of world’s richest person for many years was also born in the October month.
  • We all know the noble prize but hardly a few of us that the founder of the noble prize Mr. Alfred Nobel was also born in the October month.
  • William Shakespeare who is known as one of the greatest writers in the history of the world, He had never used the name of October month in his writings despite the huge amount of writing and literature.
  • There is a famous saying in the context of October that if the deer get the grey coat in this month then it means the winter is going to be rough this year.
  • Columbus who discovered the United States he actually did that in the same month of October and thus this month is celebrated as the anniversary of United States’s discovery.
  • People who believe in the astrology things should make themselves aware of the fact that the cosmos and the calendula are the birth flowers for the people having born in this month.

Further, if you believe in the birthstone things then opal is the birthstone for October month born people.

Other Special Days and the Observances form the October Month

October PDF Calendar 2020

October 2020 PDF Calendar

There are some other days and the observances in the month of October, which are celebrated across the world. Here we are listing them for you so that you can be aware of the October month in the more familiar manner.

  • International Day of Coffee
  • International Cookies Day
  • World’s Vegetarian Day
  • International Nurse’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • International Pasta Day
  • Mischief Night Day
  • Halloween
  • Month of Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Month of Seafood organism
  • National Day for Vegetarian
  • National Day for Diabetes People
  • Computer Education Learning Month
  • National Manufacturing Day
  • National Train Your Brain Day
  • National Day of Colors
  • National Tennessee Day

Climate in the Month of October

2020 October Portrait Calendar

October 2020 Portrait Calendar

As we know that the month of October is the season of the autumn while in the Southern Hen it is the spring season. This is somewhat the similar season time in both of the hemispheres, as the temperature is on the declined state during the autumn and the spring seasons.

October Landscape Calendar 2020

When we talk about the average temperature of the United States in the month of October then here you can witness the temperature 16 to 27 degrees in the October month. The average daylight during this month is of 11 hours which tends to descend as the month proceeds further and the region such as Florida is still hot in the October month.

October 2020 Landscape Calendar

The average rainfall is lower than the months of the summer but you would be still able to enjoy the mild sunny days. You can enjoy the drier climate in the major cities of the United States during this month.

October 2020 Calendar With Holidays

October 2020 Calendar With Holidays

On the other hand in the Southern Hemisphere it is the spring season and for reference, if we take the Chile region of Santiago then here the average temperature can be witnessed as around 15 degrees. It is highly fluctuating temperature as it can reach as low as 7 degrees or as high as 21 degrees in the same month.

This is descending temperature of the region as the spring steps in after the freezing winter and from thereon the temperature tends to get the boost gradually.

October Excel Calendar 2020

October 2020 Excel Calendar

Here the average sunshine can last up to 7 hours which is very low in the comparison of the Northern Hemisphere region. You will experience the low level of humidity in the air and can enjoy the dry climate, which makes the month as the special month for the visitors.

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